Quick, effective treatment for beautiful smooth and soft feet.

Get your feet ready for anything with a Callus Peel treatment.

When pressure is applied to the feet over a period of time calluses appear, as a result of the skin hardening.

To treat both feet, this amazing, quick treatment provides immediate results targeting the hard skin / calluses on your feet leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised.

What is “Callus Peel”?

Fast effective professional way to get the perfect looking feet: Callus Peel “peels” hard skin just like orange peel. This 20 minute four step system includes:

  • a skin softening patch is wrapped around the bottom of foot to soften the skin,
  • a special scraper is then used to peel off the dead skin callus,
  • followed by polishing the remaining keratin,
  • treatment is finally completed by applying moisturizing cream.

For the best results from your treatment avoid swimming and water treatments 30 minutes prior to your appointment and continue with the advised home care plan.